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Are you fascinated by the brain? Are you wondering about how brain and mental health are related? Are you curious about lifelong learning? Do you sometimes puzzle over adolescents' behavior? All of these are closely connected with the development of our brain. With Growing Brains, we want to promote knowledge about how our brain and behavior develop, and how this relates to our mental and physical health. But we also want to contribute to a better understanding of how science actually works. Join us on our knowledge journey!

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Our brain is what truly makes us human. It influences our perception, our behavior, and our health. It enables us to collaborate and to tackle complex problems within a society. Generating public knowledge and creating awareness around the developing brain is part of the mission of our research group. That is why we have launched the science outreach initiative Growing Brains.  Learn more >>

You help us create Growing Brains

We want to create Growing Brains in a dialogue with our audience. That's why we asked you: What do you already know, and what do you want to learn? More>>

The dialogue events

Our dialogue events and learning materials are aimed at everyone living in Switzerland who wants to learn more about brain development. More>>

The graphic novel

Our graphic novels "Growing Brains" does not only convey amazing facts about brain development, but it also tells an exciting story. More>>

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