About our initiative Growing Brains

Our brain is what truly makes us human. It influences our perception, our behavior, and our health. It enables us to collaborate and to tackle complex problems within a society. Generating public knowledge and creating awareness around the developing brain is part of the mission of our research group. Our initiative Growing Brains combines elements of science outreach, co-creation, and dialogue to further public knowledge about brain and behavioral development, pointing out the connections to highly relatable topics such as mental health, lifelong learning, or the mysteries of the teenage brain. We will also guide our audience towards an increased understanding of the fundamental principles of the scientific process – how does science actually work?

In this science outreach initiative led by Prof. Nora Raschle and science communicator Sabine Gysi, we will create different types of dialogue event formats, learning materials and even a graphic novel, all aimed at an audience of adolescents and adults in Switzerland and beyond. The project is based on past and current work by our team, the NMR Kids Lab at the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development at the University of Zurich. In a co-creation process, we will involve our future audience as well as various early and mid-career research scientists in developing the learning materials and the dialogue events. To achieve a greater reach and generate increased awareness among decision-makers, we are collaborating with experienced partners such as Science et CitéLife Science Zurich, and the Children's University of Zurich, and we seek to collaborate with a renowned publishing house. The project Growing Brains is funded by SNSF Agora and by the cogito foundation.

Who is behind Growing Brains?

Let us introduce you to the core team of Growing Brains - but of course, such projects only thrive with support of many, and more contributors may be added continuously.

Prof. Nora Maria Raschle

Initiator, Professor in Developmental Neuroscience, Visual Art, Science Communication, Project Lead

Sabine Gysi

Science Communicator, Funder Relations, Project Lead

Till Baier

Project Collaborator, Co-Creation & Dialogue Events

The NMR Kids Lab

Growing Brains is based on findings of and created in collaboration with the research group NMR Kids Lab at the Jacobs Center for Productive Development at the University of Zurich. All of our team members are also very engaged in science outreach activities. Meet our Team>>

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